Xcode Plugins

Apple's free IDE, Xcode, only provides support for C(++), Objective-C(++), Java, Applescript and Makefile. Although it's possible to use a Makefile for other languages, I think it's more practical to fully integrate them through dedicated plugins.

At the time I wrote this page, Xcode already has a working plugin interface (it's even used by CoreData compiler/editor, CVS/Subversion/Perforce integration, GDB debugging…). However this interface is not yet public, because not really finished. According to Apple, it'll be public in future release but no real date is provided: developers just have to wait :-(.

You'll find below some plugins made after reverse engineering Xcode's plugin API, and a documentation of this API for writing third party compiler or linker plugins.

Fortran Plugin: download - doc - source code
Ada Plugin: download - doc - source code
OCaml Plugin: download - doc - source code
API documentation: view

Plugins made by other people (ask me if yours is missing):

Haskell Plugin: web site
CSharp Plugin (C#/mono): web site
Symbian OS Plugin: web site
D Plugin: web site
Another D Plugin: web site